Our Classes

Circuit Training

Fast-paced class in which you move from one exercise or machine to another. Everyone starts at a “station” and rotates.

Silver Sneakers Yoga

Will move your whole body through a complete series of seated, and standing postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Restorative breathing exercise and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.


60 minutes of core strengthening, stabilization, and flexibility training.

Women’s Support Group

A relaxed social environment to address various topics based upon individual participant needs to include goal setting. Encouragement and peer support are emphasized.

Silver & Fit

Meet new people and exercise your muscles by joining our class and improving your health!

High Fitness

Fitness class incorporates intense aerobic interval training!

Group Fitness

30 minutes of cardio such as Aerobics, kickboxing, and dancing – 30 minutes of strengthening, and toning such as ballet conditioning, core strengthening, or use hand-held weights, and tubing.

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Whether you’re a regular yoga guru or are just starting out with the basics, Fitness First yoga classes are a great way to unwind and develop your mind and body.

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This is the activity that everyone’s been talking about. Fun, hypnotic and easy-to-follow, Zumba classes are the fun way to get your body moving, burn fat and invigorate your energy levels.

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Silver Sneakers Classic

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, with handles, and a silver sneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support.